Saturday, November 12, 2016

Citra EPA...

While this beer has been good enough to brew multiple times, I can't help but fool with the recipe.  The mouth feel is fine with the wheat, the bitterness ok at 40 IBU's but a little more aroma out of the Citra would be nice.  This last brew day I upped the whirlpool and the keg dry hop by 1/2 oz.

I can throw that keg all around the room now!

A friend silver soldered a tab on the underneath of my keg lid in order to secure my hop bag.  The dental floss around the keg handle through the lid trick always worried me and I've broken one once while shaking the hell out of my keg.  Now I can use butchers twine and really agitate those hops.

Headed for the compost.

The Breiss 2-Row I'd been using with this recipe was stale.  In previous batches it took until the bitter end of the mash to get near my pre-boil gravity.  The new Rahr was just shy of my target by 30 minutes and at the end of my typical 60 min mash I didn't have to give it more time to sort itself out.


2.50 gallons
O.G. 1.060
F.G.  1.010

Rahr 2-Row     85.0 % (6 lbs.)
White Wheat    15.0 % (1 lb .8 oz.)     

Mash at 152 F for 60 min       

Warrior @60 min for 40 IBUs     

2.00 oz. Citra for 10 min     

1.0 pkg. of WLP007            

1.50 oz. Citra for 5.0 Days     
1.50 oz. Citra for 2.0 Days     

I do store my grain in closed plastic bags inside 5 gallon buckets with the lid on.  This last bag of Breiss was left out in the basement too long before I went to repackage it.  The Breiss was chewy compared to the crunchy Rahr. Although, previous bags of the same grain (stored promptly and properly) converted slow.  Bad storage at the brew shop or distributor maybe?  Brand related?

It will be curious to see if there is any flavor difference with the extra hops, manhandling of the keg, and the new malt. 

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