Thursday, November 24, 2016

Citra EPA...

Less hazy but I like the color.

Tasting notes:

Color:  Golden yellow to yellow at times depending on the light.  It's hazy and opaque but just a shadow of a finger shows through.  Creamy white head.  Nice looking beer.  I like the color better on this batch than previous ones.  A little richer and less opaque maybe due to the new malt?

Aroma:  Fresh out of the bag Citra hops...slightly muted but Citra.  Candy like juice aroma.  Pineapple.  Stone fruit.  Slight dankness in the background.  Lime zest/lemon zest.  Pleasant aroma.

Mouthfeel:  Carbonation is a huge contributor to this beer.  If it's too low then there is a syrupy sweetness that just annoys me.  An astringency gets pushed to the background or goes away with the right amount of carbonation.  But the mouthfeel is soft and coating and is where I want it when the beers drinking it's best.  It's easy to drink it fast.

Flavor:  It seems with every batch this beer takes a few days to settle in and find a happy place for me.  Maybe it's the lychee (described as grapes, strawberries and watermelon) and melon flavors I'm not partial to with Citra.  When it's tasting right to me it's got what I perceive to be a passion fruit and pineapple thing going on along with a little dankness and then finishes crisp with a bit of lime.  When it's not tasting right, I get that hint of an astringency and sweetness in the finish and it lingers.  Annoying.

Overall:  The tab on the keg lid really allowed me to agitate the increased amount of  hops and it shows with this beer.  The aroma is much better than previous batches.  The hop flavor more prominent.  I'll keep making this beer.  But I'll be messing with the recipe. 

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