Sunday, January 15, 2017


Rather than sit and click away at Beersmith and Brewer's Friend for this recipe, I used a malt bill from another beer (Mosaic Once Again) and mixed up the yeast and hops.  This made for a relaxed brew day since I didn't take pH readings or toil over hitting the numbers because I knew what to expect from the malt bill.

Slightly carbonated.

This was the first beer I used my homemade spunding valve on.  I let it ferment out in primary for about 4 days and then transferred it onto the bagged hops in a purged keg.  With the spunding valve on I left it in the ferm chamber until the pressure stopped climbing.  At that point I put it in the keg fridge and let it crash for about 5 days.  Samples taken during that time were fine and I perceived no off flavors.


2.50 gallons
O.G. 1.062
F.G.  1.009


Rahr 2-Row     75.0 % (5 lbs. 4.9 oz.)
White Wheat    20.0 % (1 lb 6.6 oz.)
Crystal 20      5.0 % (5.7 oz.)

Mash at 152 F for 60 min       

Warrior @60 min for 60 IBUs     

1 oz. Mosaic
.5 oz. Citra
.5 oz Columbus
All for 10 mins. at 180f.    

1.0 pkg. of WLP007           

2 oz. Mosaic
.5 oz. Citra
.5 oz. Columbus
 Spunded for 5 days.

Tasting Notes:

Color:  A slight orange color and in the right light it's nice.  It has a white head that lasts an average amount of time with some lacing.

Aroma:   I get the fruit up front, and then a slight hint of dry grass.  That Citra sweetness is there and it's only a total of an ounce between the whirlpool and the dry hop.  After a week or two in the keg that melded into the background and the Mosaic took the forefront with a berry like aroma.  As it aged, a citrus/earthy like aroma got stronger.

Mouthfeel:   This beer is soft and easy and finishes dry.  The carbonation is good.  The spunding carbonated it a little and I had to play with the hydrometer sample to get rid of the carbonation.  As the beer got older the softness dissipated and it dried out more.

Flavor:   Berry fruits and a slight sweetness along with an earthy undertone.  The bitterness was nice at 60 IBU's of Warrior and I'm finding I like this for my tastes in hoppy beers.  Finishes dry with a citrus like flavor.  As it got older the citrus/earthy flavor seemed to get stronger along with the dry bitterness.  But in a good way.

Overall:   This beer came out good.  This one does well to put a little age on it.  Not as much as a fresh drinker as some of the other beers.

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