Sunday, February 5, 2017

Mosaic Quick Sour...

My wife likes sours and so I make sure to brew a quick sour for her every so often.  But I have to put my own spin on it.  I like dry hopping them and she likes that works.

For the first few quick sours I made starters for the lacto and stressed over getting everything right: the temperature, the exposure to oxygen and the amount of cells.  Well, I'm a huge fan of simple.  So when I came across this post on where one of the members drgonzo2k2 talked about just throwing the Swanson's  L. Plantarum probiotic pills straight into the wort (1 per gallon) I was intrigued.  I followed a couple links and found he discussed his method on the Milk The Funk Facebook page and people were having success.  So I gave it a go for this one.  And it worked!  Worked great.

This beer came out good.  When the beer is still it gives off a fresh lemon lime scent.  With a good swirl it gives off that dank berry like aroma that Mosaic has.

It has a soft but assertive sourness and as it aged and cleared it smoothed out even more.  Real refreshing; subtle hop flavor with just a touch of that earthy dankness that Mosaic has.

Overall, I enjoyed brewing this and drinking it.  With the new lacto technique brew day was easy and I think Mosaic helps add some complexity to the aroma and flavor to such a basic beer.

Mosaic Quick Sour

2.50 gallons
O.G. 1.038
F.G.  1.009

Pilsner     50 % (2 lbs.)
White Wheat    50 % (2 lbs.)

Mash at 145 F for 60 min       

Bring to a boil and then stop.  Adjust ph to 4.5 and then chill down to around 100 degrees.    

Pitch the contents of 3 capsules of Swanson's  L. Plantarum probiotic pills into the 100-90 degree wort and hold for about 48 hours.
1.0 pkg. of Wyeast 1318 starter made on brew day and pitched around 48 hrs later.   

1oz Mosaic 4 days in primary
2oz Mosaic 1 day in keg, then left in keg while chilling and carbonating.


The picture to the left is from Doug Stallard's (drgonzo2k2 on HBT) post on the Milk the Funk Facebook page about his beer Three Question Marks which won an award for Best of Show in a brewing competition.  This is the post (great picture!) that really convinced me to try this souring method.  I've messaged with Doug on HBT and he encouraged me to share his post on the Milk the Funk Facebook page. If you're already a member click on the picture to take you to the post.  Or I believe the link will tell you it's a closed's a great group and worth joining if your into brewing sour beers of any kind.


  1. Hey what is your method for keeping the wort at 100 degrees for 48 hours?

    1. I have a commercial mini fridge set up as a fermentation chamber with heating mats atttached the left and right inside walls. I cool the wort to around that temp, put it in the fermenter, pitch the lacto, and then put that into the chamber set at 90.