Sunday, March 11, 2018

Saison with Nelson...

Posts about Saison's with Nelson were popping up a couple years ago.  They were all attempts at or inspired by Prairie Artisan Ale's 'Merica.  This beer captured the minds of a few bloggers back then and never having had it, I recently attempted to brew something along those lines.

Pineapple, hay, mango, citrus, funk, leather, pepper, mineral...these all fit in the glass.  To me it's complex, clean, and refreshing.  The oak brings some vanilla aroma and a dryness from the tannins?  This could be the element that could be too much.  Still, it's a personal favorite.

Influenced by the blogs I've followed, this beer means something to me.  I'm learning patience...layers, surprises, and shit...that foam's like a pillow!  It leans towards the fruity but the funk and spice are there and the minerality, that's what gets me.  It's a back note that pops up after having a sip but not too late to be an aftertaste.  Now...where can I put barrels? 

Saison with Nelson

2.5 Gallons
O.G. 1.035
F.G.  0.998

60% White Wheat
40% Pilsner
Mash at 152 F for 60 min

.40 oz. Nelson Sauvin @60 min for 30 IBUs

2.00 oz. Neslon Sauvin for 10 min at 170 degrees

Belgian Saison (Wyeast 3724) quick starter with wort from the mash 800ml
Fermented at 85-90 degrees until done at 1.00
Cooled to 73 and pitched decanted Brett Brux (Wyeast 3112) starter along with 3 light French oak spheres

2 oz. Nelson Sauvin in primary for five days before kegging

5 gallons RO water
4.47 g. Gypsum
1.36 g. Calcium Chloride
.97 g. Epsom Salt
.50 g Salt  

For a profile of:
Ca: 73.8/ Mg: 5/ Na: 10.3/ Cl: 50.2/ SO4: 150.2/ HCO: 0

.74 ml Lactic Acid For @ 5.3ph

Sugar primed for 3.0 volumes and left to carb for 3 weeks in the keg.
Took about 3 months total...start to finish.

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