Thursday, April 26, 2018

Emily Once Again...

Not even at 3 days.

While still hop forward, this beer maintains a 2-Row/White Wheat aroma and flavor.  Hop flavor is citrus and notes of bitterness somewhat plays out full on the palate.  There is a malt flavor in the finish reminiscent of chewing a handful of crushed grain.

NaCl: that's what I did.  Doubled the salt in this one.  I usually go with 10ppm.  After messing with salt in my Mosaic beer, I knew I wanted to continue doing so.  It rounds flavors out...while accentuating...helps with a fullness even though this ale leans towards sulfate.

I dry hopped on day two, kegged on day three; by that time the gravity was terminal and I left it at 68 degrees for 11 days total.  So...I'm fermenting out pretty fast and if I want to up my spunding game, I'm gonna need to pay closer attention.  While talk revolves around preserving hop aroma and flavor by eliminating o2, I think there is something to preserving malt characteristics by doing so.  Maybe its the shorter dry hopping time...the interplay with the hops...but either way I like the balance and I'll keep chasing that.


2.5 Gallons
O.G. 1.046
F.G. 1.008

80% (4 lbs. 11.1 oz.) 2-Row
15% (14.1 oz.) White Wheat
5% (4.7 oz.) C20

Mash at 152 F for 60 min

.55 oz. Warrior @60 min for 60 IBUs

2.00 oz. Galaxy at 170 for 10 min.

1.0 pkg. of Wyeast 1318 starter of 600ml

3 oz. Galaxy in Primary

4.77 gallons of RO water
4.2 g. Gypsum
.71 g. Calcium Chloride
.91 g. Epsom salt
.93 g. Table salt

1.52 ml Lactic Acid For @ 5.3ph

For a profile of:
Ca: 64.9/ Mg: 5/ NaCl: 20.3/ Cl: 50.2/ SO4: 149.4/ HCO: 0

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